Drugstore Haul | New Collections!

I went a little drugstore crazy the fast few weeks because there have been so many new items! Maybelline came out with new color tattoos, blushes, lip products and nail polishes. And Revlon came out with a ton- blushes (cream and powder), shimmer blocks, highlighters, new colorburst lip balms (shiny and matte) and nail polishes. I picked a few items from each brand that I really thought was unique and something I would use! I hope you enjoy, and now on to the haul!

Review + Swatches| Benefit Boxed Powders

If there is one thing I love about makeup, it's the amount of blush one can have and experiment with. Today I want to talk about the Benefit Boxed Powders because they come in a range of shades that are all so unique from one another. These boxed blushes are some of my favorite face products of all time! They come in a range of matte and shimmers, but I don't find any of the shimmery ones to be over the top- they just add a nice glow. 

November 2013 Wishlist

There are many things I have been hearing about for months, and I have to admit that I am sucked in. A few of these things I truly want and others I would love to try to see if they are amazing as everyone says.

FIRST IMPRESSION | Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation

So, I was at Target today and I saw that this foundation was on sale for around $2 off regular price. It was something I've heard many great things about, so I decided to give it a try. I picked up the color Ivory, just taking a wild guess that this is my color. I got home and obviously the first thing I do is play around with the all makeup I just bought. So I pumped a little on my hand and start blending it on my cheek and jawline- and it matched to my neck perfectly! I was so happy! Then I went a step further and dotted a little all over my face and blended it in with my Sigma F80 flat top kabuki brush, and I was so impressed with the coverage it gave.

Best in Beauty | October 2013

It's when November comes a long that really makes it feel like fall. This is the month you KNOW that it will be cold and perfect sweater weather :)
Like every other month I'm here to talk about my favorite this month. Some of these things are new purchases from the beginning of the month and have just been loving ever since. 

Review | L'Oreal Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Hair Spray

Sometimes it's hard to find the perfect hairspray, but I can honestly say this is so perfect! I use the unscented one because hair spray smells can be a little overwhelming. And to be honest, although this does say "unscented," it does have a scent. It's slightly perfumey but it can definitely be overwhelming if a lot is sprayed at once. 

Tag | The Skincare Tag

I don't talk much about skincare on my blog, but I saw this tag going around recently so I wanted to give it a try! I believe that skin care is super important, whether or not you wear makeup. It keeps your skin, healthy, young and refreshed. Let me know in the comments if you try this tag, I would love to see your answers!

Rediscovered Favorites

I've been recently looking through my collection trying to use things I haven't in a while. And a few of those things I fell in love with all over again and starting to use them again on an everyday face.

Review | e.l.f Studio Lip Exfoliator

e.l.f Studio Lip Exfoliator:
Let me first say I have been keeping an eye for this product every single time I went to Target. I used the Lush Mint Julip to exfoliate my lips but it was a little pricey, and for $3 the e.l.f lip exfoliator was much more affordable. I saw online so many reviews and demos and I knew this was something I wanted to try. And I have found the last one at Target! And I have so say I am so happy I did. This product is amazing!

What's in my Fall Makeup Bag?

Every season I love to switch up my makeup to make it more season appropriate. But you'll see that a lot of these products are the same as my Summer makeup bag because they're products that I truly love to use all year round. But the things I do like to switch up are my liquid face products, blushes and eyeshadow. I love heavier makeup with more coverage, deeper blushes and more gold darker eye colors.

Review+Swatches: Korres Lip Butters

Today I want to talk about the Korress Lip Butters. Korres is a brand I normally don't try, but as I was browsing Sephora a while ago I stumbled upon these. They are $12 and can be found at Sephora, Ulta, or anywhere else Korres products are sold. They come in a cute little tube and they have so many different shades to choose from.

Makeup Brush Dupes

Makeup Brush Dupes
I have way too many makeup brushes, and I realized that a lot of them are very similar. So I wanted to share with you my personal makeup brush dupes and show you that you don't need to splurge (like I do) for great makeup brushes.

Top Tuesday: My Top 5 Nail Colors for Fall

One of my favorites part of fall are the darker nail polishes. I would love to wear all these colors all year round. And I could if I really wanted to, but I like brighter colors in the summer. But this time of year, starting already at the end of August I start breaking out my darker colors. These 5 colors I have to say will be on my nails 90% of the time (obviously not all at once). But I will be switching on and off between all of these!

Essentials Brush Guide

I remember what it was like starting out with brushes. I would look online for which brushes I ACTUALLY need. So, I just wanted to give you guys a list of the most basic brushes I think you will ever need. There are so many different types of brushes and so many of them have similar uses. Here I have a breakdown of all the simplest brushes you would need in your brush collection. And it can sometimes get confusing with all different types and you might not know what the different is between a crease brush and blending brush. But below I have a guide so if you don't know you can learn about all different types of brushes. 

Top Tuesday | Top 10 Under $10

Who doesn't love spending so little money on amazing quality products?! This is a very poplar tag/video/post that people have been doing and I wanted to share my ideas on some great products all under $10! First of all, I rounded up all the products. So if something was $7.50 I said it was $8. Second, keep in mind taxes that you may have that I did not include. I basically got all these prices from Ulta.com which is where you could buy all these products.

Tag | Beauty Things I Suck At

Nobody is perfect with everything, especially makeup which takes time and practice. I wanted to share with you some of the "beauty things I suck at." I love makeup and trying new things and techniques, but sometimes I can't seem to get the hang of it!

A Girl Can Dream | My Dream Makeup Storage

A girl can dream, right? RIGHT! So here is a post all about what I do to store all my makeup. I just want to say I am very happy with the way I am organizing my makeup right now. And I can go into further detail about that in a different post if you would like, but for now I will just be talking about what I wish I had, because a girl can dream!

Daily Dupes | Urban Decay Naked Basics

Dupes for the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette
Hi everyone! Most peopole know, and love, the Urban Decay Naked palettes. The Naked Basics is one of my favorite palettes in the collection, but $29 for a palette can be a little pricey for some people. REcently I did a post on dupes for the Naked palette, so I thought I would share some for the Basics palette!

Bronzer Showdown! N.Y.C vs Too Faced vs Benefit

It's summer time and everyone is looking for that perfect bronzer to give them a glowy look. But which one do you go with? These three are my personal favorite matte bronzers: Too Faced Chocolate Solei Bronzer, Hoola by Benefit and N.Y.C Smooth Skin Bronzing Powder. They are all super natural, with hardly any shimmer and very pigmented. But which one do you go with? They are all in different price ranges but all great quality. You decide! I will talk about each one and then comment below which one is your favorite and which one you own/would love to try. 

Tag | The One and Only

This tag is all about your one and most favorite makeup items. I am so excited to share with you all my all time favorite products. And you might see a lot of repeats of products I have mentioned in previous posts, and that will just show you how much I truly love the product.

The Question: If you could only have one ______ what would it be? And, in a few words, why?

Tag | This Or That

I saw this TAG and I decided to share with all of you! I have all my answers highlighted. I think this a great one for you to know more about me. And if you do this tag comment down below so your readers can get to know you too!