Essentials Brush Guide

I remember what it was like starting out with brushes. I would look online for which brushes I ACTUALLY need. So, I just wanted to give you guys a list of the most basic brushes I think you will ever need. There are so many different types of brushes and so many of them have similar uses. Here I have a breakdown of all the simplest brushes you would need in your brush collection. And it can sometimes get confusing with all different types and you might not know what the different is between a crease brush and blending brush. But below I have a guide so if you don't know you can learn about all different types of brushes. 

Top Tuesday | Top 10 Under $10

Who doesn't love spending so little money on amazing quality products?! This is a very poplar tag/video/post that people have been doing and I wanted to share my ideas on some great products all under $10! First of all, I rounded up all the products. So if something was $7.50 I said it was $8. Second, keep in mind taxes that you may have that I did not include. I basically got all these prices from which is where you could buy all these products.

Tag | Beauty Things I Suck At

Nobody is perfect with everything, especially makeup which takes time and practice. I wanted to share with you some of the "beauty things I suck at." I love makeup and trying new things and techniques, but sometimes I can't seem to get the hang of it!

A Girl Can Dream | My Dream Makeup Storage

A girl can dream, right? RIGHT! So here is a post all about what I do to store all my makeup. I just want to say I am very happy with the way I am organizing my makeup right now. And I can go into further detail about that in a different post if you would like, but for now I will just be talking about what I wish I had, because a girl can dream!