Rediscovered Favorites

I've been recently looking through my collection trying to use things I haven't in a while. And a few of those things I fell in love with all over again and starting to use them again on an everyday face.

I have way to many blushes and when I started using Benefit' Bella Bamba blush I thought it was too pink for my face. But with some better control, this gives my face just enough bright pink and the right about of shine.

The Garnier BB Cream was my first ever BB cream and it was my all time favorite product for a very long time. This literally covers up so much redness and blemishes without it looking too thick or cakey. But it does leave a strong perfume smell, but I personally love it. I also feel I can wear this without a powder which is a huge deal for me.

When I use a tinted moisturizer, I like to use a little more powder to add more coverage. And I rediscovered that the elf powder brush is the best! It really packs the powder on your face, but not in a cake face kind of way.

And speaking of powder, I have been loving my MAC Skin Finish Natural- which I actually just finished! It adds the perfect amount of coverage and can be worn alone or over any liquid product.

What are your rediscovered favorites?

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  1. I love finding older products and falling back in love with them. MAC SFNs are so light and have a beautiful finish.


  2. That shade of lip balm is so gorgeous! I may have to get some!

  3. I loved reading this post. The topic grabbed my attention.

  4. I forgot about that BB cream - i really liked it too!

  5. I love that bb cream and elf powder brush so much! Good thing you rediscovered those :)

    Katie xoxo

  6. I love that Garnier BB Cream too & often re discover it. It gives such a lovely coverage & a nice glow to the skin.

  7. i tried the MAC mineralize skin finish natural a few years ago and hated it. I gave it a 2nd chance again recently and now I love it! What's different this time around? Liquid foundation. Back then i used a powder foundation and it just did not sit pretty on top of the powder foundation

    1. What you use under the powder makes a huge difference!

  8. I love that brush as well! The best in my opinion (in the elf studio line)