Top Tuesday | Top 5 Brow Products

Recently I've really been getting into doing my brows. It's something I never saw myself doing a year ago. When I first started experimenting with my brows I used an elf clear/tinted brow duo and it worked for while but then I realized my brows needed a little more TLC. I have pretty sparse brows so I want something that can keep the shape, but fill them in.

My Favorite Iphone Apps

Who doesn't love app recommendations? I'm assuming we all have an Iphone or Android, and something I love seeing it what apps people are using. I love getting recommendations and finding new apps to play around with and try.

Best in Beauty | September 2015

This month I've really been trying to focus on finding the "perfect foundation routine." My eyes are something I've been going more simple with this month so I wanted a flawless long lasting face. The one product that has truly been a hit for me this month is the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Matte+Poreless. This is my new go-to foundation! I know when I put it on it gives me full coverage, feels light and will last all day. I also do believe that it keeps my poreless and semi-shine free. I have pretty oil skin, especially in the T-zone. And compared to my other foundations this keeps me matte for most of the day without blotting. 

Fergie Wet N' Wild Primer | The Only Eyeshadow Primer You Need

Over the past few years I have tried all the classic eyeshadow primers- Urban Decay Primer Potion, MAC Paint Pot, NARS, Too Faced and many more! I have EXTREMELY oily eyelids and all of these primers creased on me within a few hours. They worked great if I needed it for four hours the least, but anytime after that it would just crease.