My Night Table Essentials

As I was thinking of new posts to write I was sitting in bed late at night reaching for my favorite lip balm. And I thought, "hey, let me write a post about my night table essentials!" As a disclaimer, I actually do not have a night table, but these are things I always need near me at easy reach at night
Starting off with my favorite lip balm, this is the only stuff that keep my lips hydrated when I wake up in the morning. This is the Smith's Rosebud Lip Salve and I get mine for $6 from Sephora. It comes in a squeeze tube and this stuff lasts me forever and I use a generous amount every night! Also it has a slight rose scent, which is something I do not mind.
Next, what I always need is a hand cream and I love the Soap and Glory Hand Food. My hands can get super cracked and this stuff is great and healing. It also has a slight minty smell which I really like!

I always need to have the Clean and Clear Acne Treatment. I have pretty good skin, but when I get a pimple I need this stuff to get rid of it as soon as possible. I love it because when I apply it I feel it working and it heals everything within a few days.

Lastly, even though I have oily skin I still like to hydrate my skin in the cooler months. So I love the Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins. This is basically a thick moisturizer that you apply at bedtime and it hydrates your skin all night. Once I apply it, it doesn't feel thick or heavy on the skin. 

What do you keep next to your bed at night? What are your nighttime essentials?
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  1. Lovely post! Hand cream is always a night time essential for me x

  2. I love the rosebud salve! Lovely stuff. I really want to try the Origins mask, I keep hearing good things :)
    I always use the Burt's Bees lip balm and hand cream I keep next to my bed right before I go to sleep, I recently wrote a post on the essentials I keep there for when I'm too lazy to do a proper routine in the bathroom too!

    Misia xx |

  3. I love that Origins mask! I use Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask at night but it's soooo hard to get out of the tube!! Hand cream is a must too! Great post! xx


  4. Lovely post! Great selection of products! I've always wanted to try a product from Origins and hopefully I get to doing that soon! Hand cream and lip balm is a must for me before bed :)

    Yousra | Mystic Tales

  5. Very nice!

  6. Lipbalm is the highest of the high priorities on my bedside table - that and a neverending supply of hair ties! X

    flawedfairytale || Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  7. I love Origins Drink Up Intensive mask! I always have hand cream and lip balm on my bedside table!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  8. I'll be picking up some of these soon! I only use my Body Shop night lotion which I've mentioned on my blog before!
    Charlotte //

  9. I adore that Origins mask, I keep mine in my bedside drawer and use it when my skin needs some loving, it's so good!

  10. I love Origins! Haven't tried this mask though, but it gives me another excuse to shop! Really want to try that lip salve too, since hydrated lips are a must. Great post!

    Sam |

  11. I always have a lip balm and hand dream on my night table, they come really handy. Overnight mask sounds really good!

  12. I really want to try the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask!

  13. i used to use and love that clean and clear treatment. now i'm using something avon that works just as well and is a bit cheaper too i think. its nice to have an acne treatment on hand for those times when pimples show up.

    i always keep a lipbalm by my bed as well. my lips get super parched! and its so much easier to have it on hand than tucked in some drawer somewhere in another part of the room.

    A Beautiful Zen

  14. Lovely post! I really need to get a cute eye mask, yours is gorgeous! I definitely have to agree with lipbalm by my bed, I've heard a lot about this one too :)

    Kirstie |