Loving Some Minis

If you're like me then you probably love makeup minis! Getting these for 100 points at Sephora seems a little ridiculous, but sometimes they come in sets as a free gift. I love mini products becuase it gives me the chance to try a new product, and if I love it I can bring it with me on the go. So today I wanted to share some of my favorite minis that I would consider repurchasing once I (hopefully) finish the sample size!

My Mac Pro Palette

mac eyeshadow palette naked lunch limited edition swatches

If you're a makeup lover, chances are you've tried a few Mac products over the years. I got my Mac eyeshadow palette a few years ago and I've slowly been depotting, buying and filling it shadows. The blank palette itself was only $8 and a few of the shadows I bought were from CCO (discounted makeup store) so this palette so far has been very budget friendly!

Top Tuesday | The Nude Lip

Top Nude Lip from Colour Pop Midi Bobbi Brown Milani Naked Matte Mac Hue
If you know me pretty well then you know that I never, ever, wear dark lip colors. I'm not sure if it's a fear, or if I just don't like the way it looks, but I never wear dark lip products. But I do love my nude lip colors so I wanted to do a post today sharing some of my favorites!

MOTD for Fall | November

I haven't done a MOTD in the longest time! I believe this only my second MOTD but whatever! I would like to do more of these posts because it's almost like a favorites post, but I can show you guys what I love to use on my face every day!

Why I Stopped Wearing Eyeliner

I think eyeliner was the first makeup item I ever tried. When I was around 12 I would put some black liner in my waterline and be ready for the day! Those were definitely my awkward days! But here I am ten years later and my makeup routine has drastically changed. I learned about mascara, eyebrows, primers, foundations, eyeshadows and liquid liner.

Review | Colour Pop Blush in Between the Sheets

Hello everyone! Today I am reviewing the Colour Pop blush in Between the Sheets. I purchased my first Colour Pop eyeshadows a few years ago (review here) and ever since then I have been loving the texture and finishes of the shadows. So when I heard a while ago that they were coming out with blushes with a very similar finish to the eyeshadows, I couldn't wait to try it! Starting with the size of these blushes, they are .5oz larger than the eyeshadows. They also run for $8, as opposed to the shadows which are $5. And the texture- the same as the shadows! It is kind of soft and mousse-y - but still very solid.