My Everyday Makeup Brushes

My Everyday Makeup Brushes and Review from Morphe, Sigma, Coastal Scents, Real Techniques and Beauty Blender

I recently took a poll on Twitter on what post I should do next on my blog. I put in a few ideas, but this post, on my everyday brushes won by far! I think what I loved most about doing this post is that I love makeup brushes. Next to eyeshadows, it's one of my favorite things to try and experiment with. With my everyday brushes I have a range of brands, and different price points. I have Sigma, Morphe, Real Technique and Coastal Scents.
Now onto the brushes!

Apply liquid foundation: I use my beauty blender, which does not really count as a brush, but this is literally my favorite thing to apply liquid foundation. It makes my makeup look so natural, I really have not been able to find a brush that can compare.

Power: To apply powder, and many other makeup products, I love using my Sigma Essential Kit in Mrs. Bunny. I have had this set for years and I never experienced an issue with any of the brushes. They are still super soft, don't shed and have lasted my this long (*fingers crossed*). For my powder, I use the F30. It's the perfect brush to dust powder all over the face because it's so soft and fluffy.

Blush: I love using the Morphe E4 to apply blush. This is a newer brush to my collection, but I have quickly fallen in love. The hairs are super soft and the angled form is perfect for apply blush to the apples of my cheeks.

Highlight: Finding a perfect highlighter brush was really hard, but the Morphe M438 is the most perfect brush- I don't think I will find anything better. The tapered bristles are perfect for applying highlight anywhere and everywhere on the face.

Blend: I'm not sure how many people do this, but I love using the Real Techniques Duo Fiber brush from the Duo Fiber Collection. The bristles on this are very soft and light, which makes it perfect for blending out all my makeup at the end to blend out any harsh lines.

All-over lid: To apply color all over the lid, I love using the Sigma E60 Large Shader Brush. This is a flat tapered brush that packs color on the lid beautifully.

Crease color: To apply a transition shade or any color in the crease, I use the Coastal Scents Pro Blending Fluff. This brush is comparable to many version by Mac and Sigma, but to me, it is all the same. For $3 or so for this brush, I love it because it applies color beautifully and the quality of the brush is great. 

Outer-V: I like to apply darker shadows in the outer-v of my eye so I love using the Sigma E45 Small Tapered brush. The tapered tip is perfect for lighting applying color and blending it out. 

Blend: To blend out all the shadows, I love the Sigma E40 Tapered Blending. Basically, this is a giant fluffy brush so it's perfect for blending.

Browbone:  This last brush I use to apply a highlight shade on the browbone, but I also love it to apply a nude color all over the lid on lazy days. The brush I use is the Sigma E50 Large Fluff

My Everyday Makeup Brushes and Review from Morphe, Sigma, Coastal Scents, Real Techniques and Beauty BlenderWhat are your everyday brushes? Comment down below!

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  1. I really need to get my hands on some Sigma brushes, all I hear are good things! Mine are mostly real techniques and Zoeva brushes! I own a cheaper version of the beauty blender (the real techniques one) and agree with you, nothing beats applying foundation than that! xx

  2. Oh I'm in love with that blue Sigma powder brush, so pretty! I own a few sigma brushes and they are the best! Along with my beauty blender, you don't need anything else! It's such a great product for blending out foundation and such! xo

    McKenzie |

  3. That last sigma brush is gorgeous! I haven't ever tried the CS brushes but they seem nice and very affordable.

  4. These are some great picks! Most of my daily brushes are from Real Techniques (which I love), but I'm definitely hoping to try more from Morphe and Sigma this year :)


  5. I'm always wanting to purchase new brushes, I don't own any sigma brushes so I'll have to try some of the ones you recommended. My everyday brushes is basically anything from Real Techniques.

    Perfect Shade of Mauve

  6. I love Sigma brushes and the beauty blender is something I can't live without when it comes to makeup application. I haven't tried any brushes from Morphe before but I always hear Jaclyn Hill talking about how good they are so I'd really like to try them.

  7. I use so many brushes every day and every day I change it up as well haha!
    Charlotte //