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10 Blogger Tutorials to Spice Up Your Blog | A Little Dose of Blogging

Hello! Today I am coming to you with a different kind of post. If you've been reading my blog the past few weeks then you may have noticed I invested in a new layout. YAY! The process was easy, fun and super exciting. Although the layout I purchased was perfect the way it came, I spent some time tweaking little details to make it the way I like it.

Throughout the process I stumbled upon many new and old blogger tutorials that are super easy that you can use to tweak some details in your blogs layout. So for those of you that use blogger, have some experience with code, and/or are looking for some fun tutorials to try, you've come to the right place!

Disclaimer! I am not a coding expert. I've learned basic coding through tutorials like these. Before you start playing around with your layout make sure you save it/back it up before- in case something gets messed up and you need to recover it.

My Favorite Tutorials:

BONUS: Create a sleek search bar

If you are looking for more tutorials that I did not list, I HIGHLY recommend checking out I Can Build a Blog and XOMISSE. These are both wonderful websites that you can sift through for hours, and learn all new things about blogging.

Please leave your favorite blogger tutorials in the comments below!

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  1. I don't really have any 'favourite' blogging tutorials because whenever I want to make any changes I usually just google a whole bunch of different tutorials and go from there. This is super helpful though, I'd just clicked into almost every link you've suggested!


  2. This is a really helpful post, thank you :) xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  3. definitely bookmarking some of these. thanks, doll!

  4. Thank you for the links. I am going to look at them. I need to move my WP blog to a new, mobile-friendly theme, but I'm not comfortable doing it myself. I'm look for an IT person to help. I had tried a year ago, but the person I hired got very sick and disappeared. For some reason, all my thumbnails for each of my posts needed to be transferred one at a time, and that didn't make sense to me so the project got abandoned. I love how your site looks. Very well done!

  5. Nice post, very helpful!
    Paula | www.namelessgap.blogspot.com

  6. This is such a helpful post, I'm saving this in my bookmarks so I can come back to it!
    Charlotte // www.charlottespicks.com

  7. Thank you for sharing! This is a great post and it helped me a lot. x
    Ninz/ www.ninzbeauty.com

  8. Such a helpful post!! I've been wanting to add a dropdown menu for ages but never knew how! Thanks! :) x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  9. Thank you for this post... been looking for good tutorials for a while!
    kirsty x

  10. Great Tips! this was really helpful!


  11. This is so helpful! You just saved me hours of searching--thank you so much!

    All Paths Lead to Wonderland

  12. Such a helpful post - I love easy tutorials like these! x

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  13. Definitely going to be checking a few of these out, thanks for sharing! I love XOMISSE for blog tutorials, she's a genius :)

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  14. Awesome blog post. I really wasn't going to start my day off reading another blog post, but I was like "No... take some time, you might learn something new." And boy was it worth it. Changed my sidebar in 3 minutes to a larger thumbnail! Thank you so much for the tips. Bookmarked the rest.

  15. I love this - awesome post, a super helpful one! I really need to revamp my post! Thanks for the tips.
    Lucy xoxo

  16. Thank you for sharing!!


  17. Oh I totlove you're page!! It looks so clean and beautiful! I love tips you have suggestion. I myself have been trying to learn a little more about editing templates.My blog is powered by Joomla and there's not enough tutorials out there : ( Great post!!

  18. great tips. I just started blogging with my cousins so these are def gonna be handy.




  19. Great post, this was such an interesting read. x


  20. Drop down menus are the bane of my existence! Thank you for sharing!

  21. This has gave me some great ideas!
    This is a great post!! x


  22. This is so useful. Thanks for the list.