The Makeup Purge | 5 Tips for Decluttering Your Collection

When you collect makeup for many years (Four. But who's counting?) at some point you have to go through your collection and purge items that are expired, unloved or just old. Sometimes, this can be really hard because makeup ain't cheap! And what about those limited edition items? Those can't be thrown away! But sadly, as makeup lovers, it is something that has to be done. I want to share with all of you five tips/questions to ask yourself when you are going through your collection, in order to decide which items to keep or toss.

1. Is it expired?
This is the most important question. If it expired, toss it. Items that are old can have bacteria which can cause breakouts, infections, and other issues. I created a graphic that you can look at to determine if an item should be tossed or not.
The Makeup Purge | 5 Tips for Decluttering Your Collection and Makeup Expiration

2. When was the last time this was used?
Chances are that if you haven't touched that purple eyeshadow or red lipstick in a year, it is something you can live without. Certain makeup items just don't get enough love, so it can be given to a friend or donated, where it can get more use.

3. Do I need __ variations of the same shade?
We all know what this means. I probably have six different mid-tone brown eyeshadows, that if I were to swatch them side by side, they would look exactly the same. Sometimes we don't need ten neutral eyeshadow palettes or five nude lipglosses. If you are serious about cleaning out your makeup you might want to decide to toss or donate things you can live without.

4. Does this look exactly how I bought it?
Look, if something smells weird, just toss it! If that mascara smells like paint or that foundation doesn't have the same consistency from when you bought it, toss it. Even though it may not be expired, some makeup items can still go bad, and it is best to toss it than risk it.

5. Do I really like this product?
Some makeup items we just keep because we spent money on it, and we aren't keeping it because we actually enjoy it. If there is a product you really dislike, and are keeping it just for the sake of keeping it, it is best to donate or toss it. Makeup we don't enjoy just creates more clutter and it's sad, because it can go to better use.

What are your tips for decluttering your makeup?

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  1. I really need to get stricter with myself when it comes to the expiry dates!

    Claire | xx

    1. Me too, Im really bad at throwing makeup away!

  2. I go through my collection every 6 months & pass what I no longer want on to my sister in law's nieces who are just starting out with make-up - they're getting a nice collection going themselves at this stage! xx


  3. Great tips! I like going through my makeup sometimes and cleaning it out. I usually pass along products I don't up liking.

  4. I went through my collection recently and had a good clear out, it feels nice to have more of a streamlined collection now. It's not so overwhelming!

  5. Although at the time of cleaning out my collection I don't enjoy it, afterwards I feel much better. x


  6. This is so bad, but super useful! I need to go and check all my makeup for sure! Mascara 3 months! No way!!

    F x

    The Francesca Diaries

  7. I give a lot of makeup away to my niece or my mom because I don't like too much clutter. It drives me crazy! Plus my vanity is small...

    Nereyda│ This Girl Is Obsessed

  8. It's the palettes I find hardest to throw out!

  9. I agree, I usually ask myself if I've had something for far too long and if I haven't used it for a while! If it's the latter I usually use it for a few days to see if I fall back in love with it again :) xx
    Gyudy @ Gyudy's Notes Of Beauty

  10. Great post and tips! I love going through my makeup every few months also just because I love to have a browse at what I've got and what I should use more :) x


  11. I am terrible when it comes to sticking to expiry dates! I'll be spring cleaning soon, and makeup decluttering will be one of the first things on my to-do list. Thanks for sharing!

    Sockwun |

  12. Amazing tips. Thanks for sharing it.