Current Beauty Tryouts #2 | Morphe MB Brushes, 15CON, 9BZ and 35N Palettes*

Hello lovelies! I am back today with another 'Currently Trying' post. I love doing these posts because I can share with you guys my thoughts on products I am currently trying, just in case they never make it to a review or favorites post. Today, I am sharing with you some products I received from Morphe to try. If you've been reading my blog for a while, then you know I love Morphe's products. I did a post about their brushes, and I also did a full review on their famous 35O palette. So far I have loved everything I've tried so I was very excited to try out these new products! Although I appreciate that Morphe sent me all these products, my thoughts on these products are my own and totally unbiased. So let's begin!

Here's what I am currently trying:

MB Brushes

Starting off with the brushes, I have a couple of their MB brushes that I picked up at IMATS a couple of years ago. Most of the brushes I own from them are their Elite collection, so it's nice to get a new range to try. I personally think that their MB is a little underrated! The whole line is under $10, super soft and very durable. 

I've been trying out these brushes for a couple of weeks now and I love the way they perform. I have been loving the MB23 to blend out all of my eyeshadows because it's a very fluffy, full brush. The MB27 has also been a favorite of mine because it's very stiff, which makes it great for putting color in the outer-v. The MB25 is a very stiff, full brush so I love it to blend out my cream shadow. The only eye brush I haven't found a use for is the MB11 because it's a very big angle brush so it's not ideal for shaping my brows, and I don't use gel eyeliner, but otherwise, this brush would be perfect for that. 

For the face brushes, they are both very soft and dense. I passed the MB12 brush on to my sister because she loves using brushes like this to blend out concealer. It is cut to a point, but it's very dense, so it's perfect for getting into the corner of your eyes and blending out concealer. Last, but not least, I have been enjoying the MB8 for blending out my liquid foundation/BB cream. I don't normally use brushes like this but I have been loving having this on hand when I don't use my Beauty Blender.

9BZ Palette

Moving on to the bronzer palette, this is the first face product I've tried from Morphe. I really, really, want the 9N blush palette, it looks beautiful! This is a palette I would not have tried for myself, but I really like it! The powders are very soft and pigmented, and easy to blend. You have nine shades here, and they have a nice range of mattes to shimmers. I think this is a very nice palette for people who loving doing their makeup on other people who might have different skin tones. This has a range of light-dark bronzers, each with different undertones. My favorite shade I've been using in this palette is the middle shade, it is a gorgeous matte rosy color that is a perfect blush for any makeup look.

9BZ Palette

Swatches of the 9BZ Palette

15CON Palette

This palette is very, very different for me, and unlike anything I have in my collection. This is a cream contour palette that contains fifteen shades, ranging from light to dark. This was my favorite product to try because of the range of shades! I, of course, being the pale piece of paper I am, used the lightest shade as concealer/foundation. From there, I had a lot of fun adding something of the darker shades to contour and bronze, I also used some of the more yellow-toned shades to correct.

As for the consistency of this product, it's not very dry, but not very creamy either. If you want to get a nice pigmentation, you have to swirl your finger or brush into the product to work with it. I have oily skin and I found that this blended on the skin very nicely. But those with dry skin, I can definitely see this clinging on to dry patches. I think, similar to the 9BZ palette, this is great for people who like to do other people's makeup because it has a nice range of shades.

15CON Palette

Swatches of the 15CON Palette

35N Palette

Last, but certainly not least is the 35N palette. If you read my review on the 35O palette, then you would know I love the formula and quality of those shadows. The 35N is not any different! This is an all matte palette with many warm and cool neutrals, and also some pops of colors like pinks and purples. Even though this palette is all matte, it does not lack in pigmentation or creaminess. It's a given in a palette like this that some colors will be more dry or less pigmented, but for the most part, all of these shades have a nice pigmentation. I had no issue with blending out these shadows or building up the color.

One thing that might bother some people is that the bottom-left side of the palette has very similar shades to one another. This personally doesn't bother me because I love having warm/neutral browns to work with, but this might bother some people who like more variety. But I did love that this palette has two matte black shades, one of which I found to be very pigmented, and the other to be a little sheer. I think many people can love this palette since it has a ton of neutrals, and some pops of color if you want to have more fun in your makeup look.

35N Palette

35N Palette: First Row

35N Palette: Second Row

35N Palette: Third Row

35N Palette: Fourth Row

35N Palette: Fifth Row

If you're still with me, thank you! I hope you guys enjoyed this very long post! To sum everything up, I wanted to thank Morphe again for sending me these products to try. If there is one thing I've seen from Morphe products, is that they never disappoint. Although I might not repurchase a product like the 15CON or 9BZ palette, they are great quality and many makeup artists can have really great uses for them. Morphe's brushes will always have a special place in my collection because they are great quality and very affordable.What are you currently trying? Have you tried any of these Morphe products, what are your thoughts?

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  1. AH I so badly want to get my hands on a Morphe palette but shipping it to South Africa is such a pain

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I really want to try some Morphe brushes! I hear such great things about them :)

    xo, Liz

  3. I love Morphe products! I have the 35OM palette and a few brushes from them and I absolutely love them! They're such great quality. I'm super interested in buying more eyeshadows from them. :)

    Nicole | In The Life of NM