Current Primer Rotation

Current Primer Rotation Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimizing Primer  Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot Primer  Tarte BB Tinted Treatment 12 Hour Primer  Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer  Benefit Porefessional Primer  NYX Angel Veil Skin Perfecting Primer

I think primers make a huge difference in the way my makeup looks, feels and applies on the skin. I feel like a few years ago primer wasn't even a 'thing', but here we are with so many different types of primers that do so many things. Currently in my collection I have high-end and drugstore primers, that range from smoothing, to mattifying to pore minimizing. I have oily skin and large pores, so you won't be seeing any hydrating products in my collection. I mostly need a primer to help keep my matte and help my makeup stay on all day. Please let me know in the comments what your favorites primers are so I can check them out!

The newest primer I have been trying out is the Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimizing Primer. I received a sample of this in my Sephora Play Box last month and instantly fell in love. I think this is very, very similar to the Benefit Porefessional (which I'll talk more about soon), and since I'm reaching the end of the tube, I went ahead and bought this Smashbox one. It really does a great job at smoothing out and blurring all my pores, but also makes my skin look matte and help my makeup glide on smoothly. This primer has a silicone feel which I love in my primers because I think it mostly helps with the longevity of my makeup. 

The Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot Primer is very, very different than the Smashbox Pore Minimizing Primer, but I love this because it's basically glue for my face makeup. This primer feels like a lotion but once it applies to the skin, it gets very tacky which is the perfect time to apply your face makeup. Because of that, it helps my makeup stay on so much longer. 

I love the Tarte BB Tinted Treatment 12 Hour Primer for days when I am feeling very lazy with my makeup routine. This is a moussey type primer that has a slight tint to it so it adds some coverage to the skin. Unlike other primers, I like to apply this with a brush since it is so moussey and has some color to it. I'll use this all over my face and apply a powder foundation on top to set the primer and add some extra coverage. It help blur my pores, mattify my skin, and it has SPF so it's great for the summer/days I'm out in the sun. 

I have been using the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer for years, and I think it's a great alternative to the Benefit Porefessional and Smashbox Pore Minimizing Primer. This is also a silicone primer, but I find it is more slick and has a more silicone feel than the other primers. It applies really nicely to the face and I find it doesn't ball up like other silicone-based primers. This does a nice job at blurring my pores, but it's not that great at keeping me matte or helping my makeup stay on longer. 

The Benefit Porefessional Primer is my holy-grail primer that I have been using for years. But I've decided to switch to the Smashbox Pore Minimizing because they are almost identical! I currently have the jumbo size of the Porefessional and when I went to go repurchase it (since I'm at the last drop), I saw that they shrunk the size! It used to be 1 fl oz of product for $31, now it's the same price but you only get .75 fl oz of product- the bottle looks so tiny! So I decided to switch to the Smashbox Primer since I got a deal on it and will get more product for my money. Please Benefit change the size back/bring back the jumbo size!

The last primer is newer to my collection, and it is the NYX Angel Veil Skin Perfecting Primer. People have been raving about this primer for years so I was excited to give this a try! I've only used this 2-3 times but I find it is a little too greasy for my oily skin. It is a white cream that has a silicone feel, but it also has some grease/moisture to it. So for right now in the summer months it's not ideal for my skin, maybe in the winter this will work better for me. For now, I do like the way it feels and how my makeup applied over it, but I need to test its longevity in the winter months when my skin isn't as oily. 

What are your current favorite primers?

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  1. I really want to try Tarte BB Primer! Sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing, this post is also beautiful!

    Chloe |

  2. I've been loving the Porefessional lately! It was the first primer I ever used and I always go back to it.

    xo, Liz

  3. I always use the Bourjous, which I love! I really want to try some different ones though and these ones look really nice, I love a drugstore primer option, the maybelline one I have heard great things about :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  4. I always forget to apply primer, but when I do, I love the original Smashbox Photo Finish and the Tarte Poreless Primer. They're both more silicone and really smoothing!

    Abby Talks

  5. I love the Baby Skin and the Porefessional! Those are two of my favorites. I really want to try the NYX Angel Veil and now, the Soap & Glory One Heck Of A Blot. Those sound awesome, too!

  6. Great post, I've never tried Baby Skin so I'll have to check it out. I loved Porefessional for so long but it started to break me out :( I'm currently on the hunt for a new one!
    Jen / Velvet Spring x

  7. I really want to try the S&G One Heck of a Blot Primer as well as the powder, I've heard good things about both!

    Gemma Louise

  8. Nice post.

  9. Three of these primers are on my rotation as well! I just bought the Angel Veil primer last weekend. I had to see what all the hype was about! :)

    Nicole | In The Life of NM