POPSUGAR Must Have Box Unboxing | July 2016 | #MustHaveBox*

POPSUGAR Must Have Box Unboxing | July 2016 | #MustHaveBox
Happy Sunday everyone! Some of you might be looking at my blog and thinking, "Hmm something looks different!" Well, you're right! I changed my URL from ALittleDoseofMakeup.com to TheMakeupFeed.com! Surprise! If you're a fellow blogger then you understand that sometimes you feel like making drastic changes to your blog. For me, that's the name, which I feel represents everything your blog stands for. I hope you all like the new blog name as much as I do. Now on to the post!

I am really excited to share with you what I got in my POPSUGAR Must Have Box* this month. I was lucky enough to receive this box for free from POPSUGAR to try, but honestly, it's a subscription box I've always wanted to try but never did. This is the second POPSUGAR box I've received, and I feel like it's getting better every month. If you want to give this box a try next month, you can use the code SHOP5 (it never expires) and you will get $5 off your FIRST Must Have Box! You can click here to get the box

Here's what's in the box:

The first item I got is the Michael Stars Porcelain Skinny Scarf. When I saw this I instantly thought of using this as a bandana headband. It's a very thin scarf that will look great around the neck, but I loved trying it wrapped around my head in a bow. I think it's very versatile and can be used in various ways. 

The next item I got is the Sachajuan Hair in the Sun. This product seemed really unique to me and perfect for summer. I'll be spending some time by the pool and this will be great to protect my hair from the sun. We always use sunscreen to protect our skin, but we have to protect our hair too! It can be used in your hair wet or dry, and it apparently works as a styling cream!

As a makeup lover, I was excited to see the European Wax Center Oh My Brow! Brow Highlighter was the only makeup product in the box this month. This is a beautiful champagne stick highlighter that I might not want to use on my brow bone, but it's beautiful as an inner corner highlight. This also has a tear-drop shaped blender on the other side to blend out the product.

POPSUGAR Must Have Box Unboxing | July 2016 | #MustHaveBox The next thing in the box is the House of Pom Emoji Cocktail Napkins, which are the cutest napkins I've ever seen! Who doesn't love emojis?! I don't use cocktail napkins, nor do I know when I will ever use this, but they are super cute. I might have to serve some drinks just as an excuse to use these!

POPSUGAR Must Have Box Unboxing | July 2016 | #MustHaveBox The next thing in the box is the Pintrill Pineapple Pin. I love how truly summer-themed this entire box, and I will definitely be putting this little pin on my beach bag!

What's even cuter than the emoji napkins is the Sunnylife Inflatable Swan Drink Holder. Hello! So cute and convenient! Too bad I don't have a pool, but I'm totally giving this to my friend the next time I go there for a pool party.

The last thing I got in the box is the Joe Chips Classic Sea Salt Retro Potato Chips. I've been loving kettle chips recently, so I'm really excited to try these!
POPSUGAR Must Have Box Unboxing | July 2016 | #MustHaveBox
POPSUGAR Must Have Box Unboxing | July 2016 | #MustHaveBox
POPSUGAR Must Have Box Unboxing | July 2016 | #MustHaveBox
Did you receive the POPSUGAR Must Have box this month? What's your favorite product?

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  1. Ah i wish this was easy to get hold of in the UK, it looks amazing!

    Jen / Velvet Spring x

  2. This box looks so good! Same as Jennifer, I wish it was available in the Uk!
    H x
    P.s - Please check out my blog if you have a spare moment! www.anaveragewednesday.wordpress.com

  3. I can't believe how much you got in this box, everything is so cute and I love the pin! x

    |Georgia Megan|

  4. The Hair in the Sun product sounds amazing! I recently bought an 'after sun' hair mask too, hope it will save my hair in a couple of weeks when I go away :)


  5. Wow that's such an impressive selection of products and brands xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

  6. Looks like a great box! Those napkins are adorbs!


  7. This box looks amazing! Definitely going to have to check it out. Also that swan drink holder is too cool.


  8. What an awesome box! I saw that inflatable drink holder at Urban Outfitters and now I'm thinking I should have got it lol

    Samantha Series

  9. That looks so COOL! I need to get one :-)

    ♥: Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

  10. I had no idea POPsugar did a box. How exciting. And everything is pretty adorable too!
    Angie | Chocolate & Lipstick | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  11. This box looks amazing...