Random Beauty Tools You Need In Your Daily Routine

Random Beauty Tools You Need In Your Daily Routine e.l.f Pore Refining Brush Mask Tool Vera Mona Color Switch e.l.f Makeup Remover Pen Eyeshadow Guards
Hello! I have an interesting post to share today. Do you know those random beauty products you can find at your favorite store? Specifically, at Sephora before you check out? Or brands like e.l.f, that have random tools on their website. I never give in to those gimicks, but I have some products that I decided to give a try, and love to use on a daily basis.

The first product are Eyeshadow Guards, and I love them because it has two uses. Basically these are stickers that go under your eyes to pick up any fall-out from your eyeshadow. These are very sticky, and I recommend you put it on the back of your hand first and take it off a few times to make it not as strong (your under eye is very sensitive!). Also, make sure you use these before your foundation, in order not to ruin your face makeup. Besides for catching fall-out, I also find this works well for winged liner. It makes the process super easy and when you remove the sticker, you have a perfect wing. Some people use tape as an alternative, but these are affordable and also help with eyeshadow fall-out. 

The e.l.f Makeup Remover Pen is hands down my favorite random beauty tool! If you don't have this, go and get this right now! It's only $3 and has saved my makeup many times. This is essentially a makeup remover pen with a pointed tip so it's easy to use to clean up mascaras smudges, eyeliner, or any other makeup mishaps. 

When I heard people talking about the Vera Mona Color Switch, I didn't really think it was necessary. But I recently picked it up and gave it a try, and now I use it all the time! I don't have many eyeshadow brushes, so this makes it quick and easy to remove one eyeshadow color so I can use another. I keep this on my vanity while I'm doing my makeup, and after a few swipes, I can use another color without any trace of the previous color!

The last item is a new discovery, and it is the e.l.f Pore Refining Brush Mask Tool. I love using masks, but I hate the application process because my hands gets super dirty and I can't get an even application. But this $5 tool has saved my life! One end is a rubber spatula which you dip into the mask and apply straight to your face. This tool makes it so easy to apply product evenly all over the face without the mess. There is also a small round brush on the other end which I use to apply the mask in those hard to reach areas. 

What are your favorite random beauty tools? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I love mask brushes too, so much easier than using fingers! x

  2. The eyeshadow guards look like it would save my foundation re-touches!

    Abigail Alice x

  3. I love using a mask brush, using your fingers to apply a face mask can be very messy!

    Emily xo

  4. Every single one of these sounds so useful, especially the makeup remover pen! I'll need to order that at some point. I've been loving a little silicon brush cleaner I got for about $3 at TJ Maxx, it gets all the soap and makeup out of my brushes easily!


  5. Yes yes yes! I totally need a brush to apply my masks, I always have to apply with my fingers and I hate it. Also need the color switch as I always have to swirl my brushes into a towel when I need to change color.


  6. These sound so useful, I'm so intrigued to give them a go! Your blog and photos are gorgeous! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

  7. That elf pore refining brush sounds so interesting. I need to stop being lazy and start applying my face masks with a brush.


  8. Wow you are right I need all of these, lol! Great List. Thanks for sharing!