Urban Decay Velvetizer Translucent Mix-In Medium | Is It Worth the Hype?

Urban Decay Velvetizer | Is It Worth the Hype?
The past few weeks I have been hearing a lot of hype around the Urban Decay Velvetizer Translucent Mix-In Medium. As you know, I love loose setting powders, and the raving reviews I heard about this made me want to try it. But is it worth the hype? I've been trying this for a few weeks, and I think I am able to give you my full thoughts and review.

What is it?

The Urban Decay Velvetizer Translucent Mix-In Medium is $38 and comes with 0.28oz of product. This is a little pricey considering the Laura Mercier Transclucent Setting Powder (which I use everyday), is also $38 but it comes with 1oz of product. According to Sephora it is is: 
An ultra-fine, mix-in powder that gives foundation an extra velvety feel, a beautiful matte finish, and added coverage.
Basically, this has two uses: as a setting powder, or mix it into your foundation to create a matte and flawless finish. By mixing it into your foundation this can make your foundation into a moussey texture, and it shouldn't change the coverage of the foundation. Also, based on it's name, either use should give you a velvet finish. I don't know about you, but I think this product is pretty unique, so I couldn't wait to try it. Now on to the review!

My review

To start off, I want to discuss packaging, this comes in a glass jar, and the outside is purple velvet. The cover is silver, and the product dispenses from holes that say "UD." The texture of this powder is that it is very very fine- I've never seen a powder so finely milled. When you pour it out, the product comes out so easily, almost like it's liquid. It's also a translucent powder, so it's not white, but it has a slight yellow/nude tint. 

To be honest, I never tried mixing this in with my foundation. Personally, I find mixing products to be tedious and I never seem to have the time to do it. I like having a foundation that's ready to go without any extra hassles.

But as a setting powder. Wow! This stuff is no joke. The way I use this is by putting a little amount in the cap, and then dipping a damp beauty sponge, and tap it on my face. Instantly it perfects my skin, no more powdery look and it blurs my pores. And the texture of my skin! It truly feels like velvet. It basically gives my skin an airbrush finish

HOWEVER I did have one strange incident with this powder, and I'm not sure if this was because of the powder or another face product. But I use The Ordinary High-Spreadability Fluid Primer as a primer, The Ordinary Coverage Foundation, and then I set everything with the Urban Decay Velvetizer, and my makeup began to crumble. It was the strangest thing. So I removed my face, used a different primer and foundation, and still used the Urban Decay Velvetizer, and my face was totally normal. Maybe it had something to do with mixing the powder and primer/foundation? I'm not sure, but I just wanted to share that experience with you!

Is it worth the hype?

Yes, as a setting powder! As a mix-in medium, I can't really tell you. I think this can work for all skin types, but especially people with oily skin, you need this! It makes your skin look flawless by minimizing your pores and smoothing your skin. I can literally go all today without touching up, because this keeps me matte and keeps my makeup in place. For the amount of product, the price is a little steep, but it's so worth it because this stuff is gold!

Urban Decay Velvetizer | Is It Worth the Hype?

What are your thoughts? Have you tried the Urban Decay Velvetizer Translucent Mix-In Medium?
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  1. I might have to try this!

    Sophie xx // One Unique

  2. It sounds incredible, although that sounds like a strange experience with the Ordinary products!


  3. Awesome photos dear!


  4. What an interesting product! Haha I'll have to try it out

  5. Thanks for this review - sounds like a great setting powder! Thanks for your honesty - I can tell you I don't have the time or patience for mixing either

  6. This is a super fascinating product - I'd really have to test it before I could commit to buying it though, i think, as there have been a lot of mixed reviews like yours online.

    Morgan | Hyacinth Girl

  7. I saw some YouTubers using this powder as a setting powder and it looked incredible! I'm so interested in trying this, hopefully I will pick it up soon!

    Carolina's Makeup Life

  8. I haven't really considered buying this but now I really want it! I love a velvet finish and get an oily t zone so I think it'd be perfect for me!

    The Makeup Directory

  9. So cool! I love the Laura Mercier one so I'll have to try this as well!

  10. Thanks for sharing! I have been looking for a new setting powder once my Laura Mercier one runs out! The packaging for this looks so coool! Love the velvet on the outside! :)

    xo, Chloe // http://funinthecloset.com/new-laneige-favorites/

  11. This sounds like such an interesting product! The idea of mixing it in with foundation is so foreign to me, but it sounds cool. Definitely wouldn't mind giving this a go!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge