Five Products To Add A Little Something *Extra* To Your Look

When I do my makeup, I like to keep things fairly simple. I use the same makeup every day, and it is very natural. However, there are times when I need to change up my look for either a night out or a special event. So I have 5 go-to products that I like to use to help me spice/glow-up any natural makeup look I might have done that day. 

Makeup I Used to Love, and Now Hate | Throwback Thursday | Revisiting Old Blog Posts

This post is a little bit of a different review than what you're used to. Today I wanted to work backward and review some of my old blog posts. I think most of us try new products and may like them initially, but as time goes on our opinion changes. But sometimes our readers don't hear about that later on. So as I was doing a blog clean up, I reviewed some old posts and I'll share my thoughts on some makeup I loved initially (and still do), and some that I've hated and since then have trashed or given away. (Also side note, ignore the "September 2017" in the picture. I was trying to create a throwback theme.)

Review | ESQIDO Mink False Lashes in "BFF" and Companion Lash Glue*

I'm back today with a new post, and this one is a little different than my usual. I will be reviewing the ESQIDO Falses Lashes in the Style "BFF" and their Companion Eyelash Glue. Thank you to Ryan from their PR for sending me this to try! I've heard amazing things about Esqido lashes so I was excited to give them a try for myself.

An Oily Skin Guide to Highlighting | My Favorites

Hello! I am back today with another recommendations post for oily skin.  One of my most recent posts was about my favorite foundations for oily skin. Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite highlighters. Some believe that because you have oily skin you can't highlight. But with the proper base makeup, you can use any of these highlighters that create a subtle glow. As the day goes on and your natural oils peak through, you will continue to glow without looking too oily.