Review | ESQIDO Mink False Lashes in "BFF" and Companion Lash Glue*

I'm back today with a new post, and this one is a little different than my usual. I will be reviewing the ESQIDO Falses Lashes in the Style "BFF" and their Companion Eyelash Glue. Thank you to Ryan from their PR for sending me this to try! I've heard amazing things about Esqido lashes so I was excited to give them a try for myself.
My favorite part of this whole process was taking a look at their lash guide to figure out which style would work best for me. I loved having so many options, and I think anyone can find a style they would be pleased with.

Starting off with the packaging, this came beautifully wrapped and I love the style of box. It's very luxurious and a beautiful way to package the lashes. I love the white and rose gold theme they have throughout all of their products!

As for the lashes, I am not one to wear false lashes often, But I have come to love these for special occasions. The style "BFF" ($29) is a mink lash, medium volume, and 8-12mm length. I found that this band was a perfect size for my eyes, and it was flexible so it could easily form to my lash line. As you can see from the picture below, these added so much volume to my lashes. It's a large look, which is why I like it for more special occasions.

As for the Companion Eyelash Glue ($10), I was very impressed. I like how it comes in a sleek tube, and has a wand applicator which makes it easy to apply to the lashes. It was easy to apply a thin layer to the lash band, and it started to dry within 15-20 seconds. It dried clear and really bonded the lashes to my lash line. The lashes were able to last all day without any issues.

Overall, I am very pleased with both the ESQIDO Falses Lashes in the Style "BFF" and their Companion Eyelash Glue! Their packaging is simple, yet very elegant. Their lashes are great quality, and easy to apply, especially with their lash glue. If you're interested in trying their lashes, I highly recommend using their lash guide to find the best style for you!

Have you ever tried Esqido lashes or lash glue? What are your thoughts?

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