About Me

The Makeup Feed is a beauty blog that share tips, tricks, reviews, everything and anything, beauty related.

I am twenty-something college student who loves to blog. Obsessed with all things makeup and beauty related. A lover of home cooked food, comfy clothing, monogram necklaces and anything that sparkles. This is my little place on the internet to talk about what I love.

I started this blog back in 2012 and it has undergone many changes. I started off with the name Missmacbeauty, changed it to Brunette-ish, and then A Little Dose of Makeup, but here I am with The Makeup Feed. I came up with this name for my special blog because I am makeup obsessed- and it is the main focus of my blog. I can talk about anything makeup or beauty related for days on end. But on this blog I also have a little bit of other topics. I love blogging so I love sharing my tips and tricks with all of you. Every once in a while you will also see me do a more personal, or lifestyle post.

I hope you enjoy The Makeup Feed as much as I do! I love meeting my readers so please feel free to message me on any of my social media platforms!